Redefining the way people VIEW & EXPERIENCE wellness


for health concious and "aspiring to be" health concious

that address all aspects of wellness, so you can unlock your full potential and begin to live a holistic life, filled with more balance and less stress.


Our Mission

is to enable the world to  view wellness more holistically, keeping in mind all 10 Dimensions of Wellness; as well as, experience wellness in fun and convenient ways.

In addition, we provide the  added support of a community of like-minded health-conscious individuals, so you’ll be able to connect in an accountable way that strengthens your commitment to being the best possible you.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey

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In times when employees are looking for "more".  Employee wellness needs to look different; it's time to look at the "whole" employee. Show them you hear them, and care, in a BIG way.

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Redfine the way people VIEW & EXPERIENCE wellness. 

VIEW wellness more holistically, helping you to realize there are 10 Dimensions of Wellness that define THE WHOLE YOU. 

EXPERIENCE wellness in new & different ways. Whether you're getting your girlfriends together for an afternoon of relaxation at one of our spa parties, packing your bags for the weekend to head off to one of our wellness retreats, or making time weekly to join one of our accountability groups, we promise to provide a unique & distinct experience.


To provide convenient and fun Spa & Wellness services, products, activities & events that  focus on the “WHOLE YOU” while also providing the tools, accountability and connections needed, so that it’s easy for people to make self care a priority, which will result in a more balanced, less stressful life, so they can unlock their full potential

Our Core Values

+Provide easy to digest information & inspiration on all things wellness

+Provide accountability needed to make self-care a priority

+Provide exceptional user experiences, easy to use, authentic, step by step experience; that’s both fun & convienent

+Support, collaborate & partner with other small businesses

+Use, sell & promote the use of "Clean" products