Redefining the way people VIEW & EXPERIENCE wellness


Whether you are completely overwhelmed and don't know where or how to begin on your wellness journey; or you are taking good care of yourself, but just need a little help in some areas of your life, this is the workshop to help you get started.

In this workshop we take you through our 5-step framework to:

  1. ASSESS how you feel you are doing across all 10 Dimensions of Wellness.
  2. IDENTIFY which areas you would like to focus on and create goals & action steps.
  3. DEFINE the time commitment for your goals & action steps
  4. PLAN for goals & action steps across a specified timeline
  5. IMPLEMENT action steps to reach your goals

At the end of this workshop you will have mapped out all of your wellness goals and associated action steps, across a timeline that fits seamlessly into your already existing life. You will start to take incremental steps towards achieving goals that you have always wanted to accomplish , but struggled to achieve. SOUND GOOD?

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