Redefining the way people VIEW & EXPERIENCE wellness


I'm Jill! Founder & Owner of WELLNESS WITH FRIENDS.  As a former consultant working 60+ hours a week + travel +family + life, I know what it's like to live a very busy, very exhausting and very stressful life.  It's utterly OVERWHELMING! 

I also know what it feels like to want to live a balanced life, one filled with more shared experiences with family & friends and less stress,  but not know where or how to start; and even if I knew how to get started, I need it to be fun, easy & convienent.  In addition I needed  accountability, connections, and/or tools to help keep me on track & completely engaged in my journey.

This is why I started WELLNESS WITH FRIENDS.

After 20+ years of living a completely unbalanced life, and being on the edge of a complete breakdown;  I finally decided to take action to achieve the balance I very much needed.  This started with me assessing my life in ALL areas; work, family, financial, cocial, spiritual, etc.  After doing a bit of a deeper dive, I discovered that all areas of my life mapped directly to 10 Dimensions of Wellness.  After researching and learning about all 10 (Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Financial & Medical) I began to see that in order to achieve balance, you had to 1) Be AWARE of all 10; see the complete picture, VIEW wellness more holistically.   Up until this point, I really was just doubling down on phyiscal & nutritional wellness to keep me healthy and 2) Take ACTION towards trying to balance all 10; meaning setting goals and putting attainable action steps towards those goals.

In addition to being aware and taking action, a BIG lesson I learned is that these shifts require a behavioral change, which as we all know, is not always the easiest.  BUT, one thing that I did know, from my prior work experience is that "incremental change" is the absolute best way to begin to see results, gain momentum and is the key to long lasting change.

Therefore, it was both my need for balance, combined with my prior experience with working in an "agile" manner, that I was able to put together a 5-step framework to help assess where I was at, create goals, and break them down into managable action items that I could then plan for over time and start to see incremental progress. In addition, I have set up bi-weekly touchpoints where I assess, what's working and whats not and where I need help.  This very agile way of working, allowed me to identify quick wins and start to see incremental change, which fueled my desire to keep going, change my behavior and start to create more balance and less stress.

Now I love to take my experience and help others, make the wellness transformations that they have been desiring to make. It's through our services, products, activities & events that we help busy, overwhelmed indivudals like yourself

Incremental change for life long behavior shifts

Incremental changes to your overall wellness provide life long behavior shifts

By thinking about “THE WHOLE YOU” you are able to assess the dimensions that need prioritizing and begin to make incremental changes to your overall health & well being that will  provide the  life long behavior shifts needed to live a balance, less stressful life.